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Within the vast beauty market in Brazil, it may seem difficult for certain companies to stand out. However, a great way is to offer a specialized service. When a company remains focused on just one area, it is sure to be able to offer the best in what it does. Thanks to this, the makeup salon is a space that has earned its place in recent years.

Until a long time ago, the trend in most aesthetic centers was capillary specialization. It was common to go to beauty salons to make brushes, dye and cut hair, among other services of the kind. Over time, these environments have increased their range and nail services have gradually become the new protagonists.

However, the makeup salon is currently on the rise. Much sought after by brides and graduates, for example, it is a place that attracts different types of women, all passionate about the service offered. As much as these big and important events are the main dates, other smaller events such as birthdays also started to cause a demand for work.

Precisely due to the high growth observed, opening a makeup salon can be an interesting option for those who want to enter the beauty market. Thinking about it, our text today has 5 items that can not miss in your makeup salon.


Of course, you will need the makeup products themselves. However, the application is just as important as the product, if not even more important. Only using quality brushes will you be able to achieve the desired effects, for example.

Make sure you get specific brushes for each stage - foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner and blush. Applicators and sponges are also essential. Last but not least, always have the eyelash curler and scissors and tweezers varied.


All clients need to have their skins well prepared to receive makeup. Always have products such as moisturizing creams, moisturizing and astringent tonics, biphasic cleansers and facial cleansing emulsions in your salon.

In addition to ensuring that the service will be done in the best possible way, a good pre-makeup process also shows the client how your salon cares about her, which increases the perception of value.


A recurring situation with unprepared makeup artists is a messy space. It is necessary to have a piece of furniture especially to store and exchange what is being used during the preparation of makeup.

A piece of furniture like this allows both: the drawers can be used to store objects and the counter itself to exchange items and instruments. Another common alternative is the makeup trolleys.


This is an absolutely indispensable object. Whether during or after makeup, the client will want to see the result. Sometimes she can also, based on what she is seeing, give some suggestion of color or material.

Many mirrors developed especially for the makeup salon have another fundamental item: lights. Having good lighting makes all the difference and ensures that the makeup artist makes the correct use of colors, providing quality work.


The development of a makeup can be a long process, lasting up to a few hours. In order for the client to feel comfortable in her salon at all times, the use of a quality chair is essential.

A good option for those looking for a product like this is the Shengyu Black Hydraulic Styling Chair Salon, available on the Kalista Salon website! With its inclination degrees, it is an alternative that satisfies the need of any makeup salon!

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